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Fidler Marketing, Inc.

Fidler Marketing, Inc.
205 Northwest 66th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
Phone: 405-843-5001
Fax: 405-843-4772

Fidler Marketing, Inc.
1533 South Lewis
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104
Phone: 405-843-5001
Fax: 405-843-4772

Fidler Marketing, Inc.

Fidler Marketing, Inc.

Our go to market platform rests on our ability to deliver results to our partner agencies through a systematic approach to managing objectives. Our passion for the industry and our commitment to our local economy is the cornerstone to our success.

Leland Tate, Jr.
Phone: 405-843-5001
Fax: 405-843-4772

General Manager Oklahoma
Sheri Dougherty

General Manager of Texas
Scott Brown

Sales Staff 14
Administrative Staff 3

Order Entry\Admin. Program - AFS/Becton Schantz - GenDash GenWeb
Sales Management Program - AFS/Becton Schantz - Easy Operator
Bid Management Program - AFS/Becton Schantz
Objectives Planning Program - AFS/Becton Schantz
Graphics Design and Printing

Conference Room Seating Capacity # 50

Test Kitchen Equipment
Full Commercial Kitchen including Range, Combi Oven, Fryers, Impinger Oven, 2 Walk-In Freezers, 2 Reach in Freezers, 3 Reach in Coolers, 1500 Sq Ft Warehouse.


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